by Lost Creation

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Face your fall

You are nothing, oh creators
Your ain’t no gods, you ain’t no masters

Drop the mask

Your so called masterwork you brought life into is nothing but a soulless fucking slave

Drop the mask

From dominant to dominated

They said it was the future
But the flesh turned to steel
You can't hide yourself in a fortress of glass
From the bones of a dying world
We’ve crafted these dreams
There is some truth in the fiction
And some fiction in the truth

We are made of shattered dreams
Lost forever in the undeniable truth
How does it feel to finally become the one under the whip?

I will not fall for this
I will not be part of your game

Maybe you’re too blind to see
That this creation of yours is over you
It’s over you

It's not too late
To reclaim our mind
It' not to late
To save us from ourselves


released February 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Lost Creation Montreal, Québec

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